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Friday, 23-07-2021
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How can you create your website with Webmaker IB-C
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Welcome in WWW Creator "IB-CMS". We invite you to take free trial period of our all inclusive system and check its advantages.

Team of ibb.pl

Welcome in WEB-CREATOR IB-CMS . This mechanism is used to making the Website without professional knowledge of techniques of programing. It is only necessery to fill in the special forms . On the left we are leading you step by step how to set up your own WWW site . Your test version will be available for 30 days from time of setting up. If you decide to purchase any of version you will recive DOMAIN-free of charge www.twoja-nazwa.ibb.pl or you will be able to "hitch" your domain for example www.twoja-nazwa.pl , this option give possibility to buy the plug post , by means of which you have the full managment of e-mail accounts.

Questions, comments or suggestion lead at address webmaster@ibb.pl or Discussion forum

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